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Communicate with clients in 100+ languages. Organizations use our web-based platform and clients use their own phones. No additional setup or download required.

Trusted by organizations and agencies across the country

Easy for organizations, effortless for clients.

Organizations exchange messages and manage contacts through Viva Translate's web dashboard, available across all devices.

And for clients, they simply use their existing phone number! No set up or download is required for clients to communicate in their native language.

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"It has been a pleasure to work with the Viva Translate to build translation solutions for the organizations that need it, including Robin Hood's non-profit partners."
Allison Moomey
Senior Program Manager of Ventures

Clarify, just like good human interpreters do.

A word or phrase could be interpreted in different ways once translated. Our proprietary AI clarification technology detects possible translation ambiguities for the language you are translating and suggests alternate phrases or words to use, so you can clarify and make sure your translation accurately conveys your intent.

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“It's a great tool for my attorneys to use. They have found it useful to communicate with their clients."

Hasan Shafiqullah, Attorney-in-Charge
Immigration Law Unit

“Clients can reach out to me at any time, and not worry if they are calling within business hours. It definitely helps when I am meeting them in person and the translator is not there.”

Senior Attorney
Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

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