From Colombia to the world: How Addi Overcame Language Barriers as it expanded its team to Brazil and USA. Choosing the right solution wasn't obvious at first.

Using Viva for

Favorite Viva features

AI generated translations
Meeting transcripts and Summary
Industry-specific jargon and accents


Founded in 2018, it wasn't long before Addi extended its presence beyond Colombia, recruiting talent from the USA, Brazil and the rest of Latin America. Hiring international talent brought forth new challenges: language barriers in their day to day communication between departments.

Seeking a cost-effective and efficient solution, Addi partnered with Viva Translate. Viva's AI-powered translation provided a more budget-friendly option compared to human translators they were used to hiring. More importantly, it ensured precise translation for the exact message the founders aimed to convey during their All-Hands.

Viva's chrome extension and desktop app not only made translations more affordable but also extended accessibility. Before Viva, Addi would only sponsor human translators for meetings with a large audience, leaving no space for smaller, more segmented meetings due to high cost. Now, with Viva, every employee can benefit from translations in any meeting. Additionally, with Viva Translate, Addi streamlined post-meeting processes, delivering and sharing meeting transcripts and summaries, fostering better collaboration among teammates.

Why Viva Translate?

  • Best of market real-time, AI-generated translations
  • Outperformed built-in CC on embedded solutions
  • Viva captures industry-specific jargon and cultural nuances
  • Transcripts and summaries for team alignment
Facilitating Multilingual Communication for
  • Meetings in multiple languages
  • All-hands & Leadership meetings
An animation showcasing Viva's UI

Onboarding & Customer Service

Implementation Process

Seamless integration into their platforms of preference: Google Meets and Zoom.

Onboarding sessions for all team members interested. Also onboarded per areas in the company.

Priority feedback and frequent satisfaction polls sent to users.

Customer Service

Priority on roadmap implementations and bug fixes experienced by Addi team.

Slack Connection group between Viva and Addi for real time support.

Cost for human translators was too high.


Transformation in Communication Dynamics - Intangible Results

400Addi Membersequipped with Viva Translate
30%Estimated increase in engagementfrom foreign employees
20%Accuracy increasefor "harder" to translate words
20%More Productivewith better communication
6hSaved per weekon rework due to misalignment

Challenges faced before Viva

Message Accuracy from Leadership
  • Human error and subjective interpretations of company terms.
  • Difficulty in conveying value in foreign markets due to language barriers.
Internal Language Barriers
  • Teams from different nationalities faced language barriers leading to project delays and overall disengagement.
  • PT & ENG speaking team members felt isolated from the rest of the team.
Pricey and not flexible
  • Cost for human translators was too high.
  • Human Translators charged by the hour to some of the meetings that only lasted 30 minutes.