Viva Translate seeks to create an equitable world, where effortless communication can be achieved regardless of a person's language.

Our north star is to create language access such that everyone can live life without language barriers.

Our Story

Our teammates are all children of immigrants - our families come from China, Mexico, and Vietnam and other countries. Growing up, we were the translators, and in many ways, the sole lifeline for our families. English was not their first language and navigating daily life in a new country was already hard enough -- imagine attempting to navigate social services, government and legal systems, healthcare, financial institutions, and other complex spaces on top of that.

That is where the Viva Translate comes in. Informed by our own community experiences alongside hundreds of hours of interviews and user studies, we designed an in-message translation tool for organizations that work closely with non-native speakers.

Viva Translate strives to increase language access for underserved populations, to further encourage equality, self-empowerment, and overall better translation experiences. We are relentlessly committed to making a difference in people's lives, regardless of their language, culture, or ability. Together with your help, we can create a world where people can live life without language barriers.

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Meet The Team

Belinda Mo

Ceo & Co-founder
ProducT and engineering

Engineering at Stanford, Design at Stanford's Legal Design Lab, Software engineering at Google. Passionate about immigrant rights, writing, and social impact.

Tony Hua

COO & Co-founder
Partnerships and Finance

Engineering at Stanford and Harvard, Technical lead at British Aerospace, Advisor of Birdstop. Grew up translating for my immigrant family.

Bill Cromie

BRL Director at Robin Hood Foundation

Working in innovation, startup, and social impact space.

Margaret Hagan

Director of stanford legal design lab

Partnering with courts, legal aid groups, government agencies, and others to create new ways to improve the justice system.

Hobson Lane

CTO of tangible ai
NLP Architect

Building conversational AI for nonprofits and social good.

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