Please reach out to info@vivatranslate.org if you have other questions.
Question 1

What languages do you support?

Viva Translate supports 108 languages. This includes common languages such as English, Spanish, and Chinese, as well as less common ones such as Amharic, Haitian-Creole, and Tagalog. 

See the complete list of supported languages here.

Question 2

Does Viva Translate recognize "slang" and industry-specific terms?

Yes! Organizations have the option of integrating custom translation glossaries for industry-specific terms as well as regional slang. Additionally, our AI translation model ensures accurate translation by recognizing commonly misspelled words and grammatical errors.

Question 3

What is the pricing for Viva Translate?

This depends on the number of organizational users and the number of messages sent. Schedule a time to meet with us, so that we can help find the pricing model that is suitable for your organization!

Question 4

How does Viva Translate ensure privacy and security for users?

Our team takes privacy and security seriously. We are currently working towards being fully compliant with NIST and HIPAA. In addition to this, Viva Translate follows standard web security standards, encrypts all messages in our database, and does not view your conversation data unless given explicit permission.

We know privacy and security is very important for many of our users, so please reach out to support@vivatranslate.com if you have additional questions!

Question 5

Do my customers and/or clients also need a Viva Translate account?

Nope, there is no setup or download required for your customers and clients. They receive your translated messages through a convenient channel, such as SMS text message. As long as your client has a messaging plan, he or she will be able to send and receive your messages.

Question 6

What platforms do you support?

Viva Translate is on the cloud and can be accessed on any computer or mobile phone. Organizational users simply log in to their existing accounts to immediately access their messages and clients.

Question 6

Can you tell me a little bit more about Viva Translate? Are you a for-profit or non-profit?

Viva Translate originally spun out of research conducted at the Stanford Legal Design Lab with partner legal aid organizations. From there, we continued to build our solution with support from the Robin Hood Foundation.

Viva Translate is a Benefit Corporation, which means that we are a for-profit corporation committed to creating public benefit and sustainable value. We strive for sustainability in our translation research, which enables us to fully pursue our mission to make language access more equitable.

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